Ligurian amberjack carpaccio with lemon from the Amalfi Coast, herbs from our garden and capers from Pantelleria
€ 35,00

Cuttlefish from the Adriatic Sea curled in ice with lemon from the Amalfi Coast and Sarawak black pepper (Gianni Frasi producer)
€ 32,00

Catch of the day tartare with avocado sauce, fennel and lime
€ 35,00

Raw ‘purple’ shrimps from Sanremo 5pc.
€ 45,00

Plateau Royal Voce: oysters, ‘purple’ shrimps from Sanremo, cuttlefish, amberjack carpaccio, catch of the day tartare
€ 140,00

Violet Speciales Fines de Claire (Charente Maritime)
each € 8,00
8 pc. € 50,00
16 pc. € 100,00

Soft farm egg with potatoes foam, savoury crumble and chicory
€ 22,00

Raw Piedmontese young beef tartare (Macelleria Martini producer) with peppers and mustard grains
€ 25,00

Roasted octopus with baked pumpkin and ‘bagna cauda’ sauce
€ 26,00

Dedicated to Aimo and Nadia: cream of beans with steamed codfish, candied tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil
€ 22,00

Spaghettoni (Gerardo di Nola producer) with green onions, pork cheek and Apulian tomatoes
€ 27,00

Spaghettini (Gerardo di Nola Producer) served warm, with Calvisius Caviar Siberian Royal, chives and shallots.
€ 55,00

Mixed pasta (Gerardo di Nola producer) with potatoes, mussels and Pecorino Romano cheese
€ 28,00

Risotto (Carnaroli variety) with turnip tops, smoked scamorza cheese sauce and lemons from the Amalfi Coast
€ 30,00

Roast duck breast, compote of apple, ‘mugnoli’ from Salento and orange sauce
€ 37,00

Braised pork with stewed savoy cabbage and crunchy polenta chips
€ 34,00

Squid filled of ‘pappa al pomodoro’, with sauce of capers and olives
€ 37,00

Catch of the day ‘al cartoccio’ with Ligurian artichokes and leeks
€ 38,00

Selection of Italian fresh and aged cheeses with fruit ‘mostarda’
€ 25,00

Pastiera Voce: tart made with extra virgin olive oil, buffalo ricotta cheese from Campania and caramelized pears
€ 14,00

Tiramisù cream puffs
€ 14,00

Rhum baba with a cream of lemon from Amalfi Coast
€ 14,00

Red Heart: yogurt mousse, almond and lemon biscuit, raspeberry jelly
€ 14,00

Fresh fruits salad
€ 14,00

Ice cream Gusto17 per Voce
€ 4,00 per scoops


The Menu Voce is a tasting menu composed of six courses, a gastronomic path created by our chef according to what the market offers daily. A little journey in the cuisine of VOCE where our dishes are always created according to our principles: excellent raw materials, Italian producers, territory, seasonality.

Menu for the whole table. Per person, excluding beverage € 120,00

Egg Royal with yogurt sauce and crispy breadcrumbs with Tradition Royal 10 gr.

Spaghettini (Gerardo di Nola producer) with chives and shallots with Siberian Royal 10 gr.

 Ligurian amberjack tartare with herbs, lemon from the Amalfi Coast with Beluga 10 gr.

Per person, excluding beverage € 160,00

Tiepolo. Venice, Milan, Europe

A menu dedicated to Gianbattista Tiepolo and his ability to observe nature, his endless narrative vein and his talent in the use of color, light and perspective.
A menu dedicated to him as a traveller: starting from Venice he works in some of the most important European cities and we like to think that there, together with his clients, the artist had the opportunity to get in touch with the new cuisine of the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ tasting new foods and latest recipes.
A gastronomic journey where geography, history, and culinary culture intertwine.

Cream of beans with steamed codfish, baked tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil
Venice. Cod and stockfish.

Small potato gnocchi with ragout of lamb from Gargano, and caraway sauce
Germany. Gnocchi and all the variations on the theme.

Braised pork with stewed savoy cabbage and crunchy polenta chips
Milan. Cassoeula and polenta.

Dark chocolate from Venezuela, marrons glacés (Agrimontana producer) and Tahitian vanilla cream
Spain. Cocoa from the Americas.


Per person, excluding beverage € 100,00

A menu designed for children with seasonal ingredients according to market availability.

First course, main course with side dish and water
€ 28,00


Anchovies ‘in tempura’ stuffed with smoked scamorza cheese
€ 7,00

Piedmontese Fassona tartare with fennel taralli and mayonnaise flavoured with smoked paprika
€ 10,00

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese bon-bon
€ 6,00

‘Guanciale’ (Norcia producer) on raisin bread and acacia honey
€ 8,00

Prosciutto (D’Osvaldo producer) and burrata cheese from Andria on focaccia of Carosella del Pollino wheat
€ 10,00

Ceasar Salad
Iceberg salad dressed with mustard mayonnaise, grilled chicken breast, flakes of
Parmesan 24 months, crispy bacon and bread croutons
€ 15,00

Spelt salad
Spelt salad with celeriac, carrots, potatoes, peppers in extra virgin olive oil
€ 15,00

Parma D’Osvaldo ham and burrata cheese
€ 15,00

Piedmontese young beef served cold with ‘salsa tonnata’, capers and anchovies
€ 17,00

Eggplant Parmigiana with our ‘pommarola’ sauce
€ 16,00

Selection of fresh and seasoned mixed cheeses, fruit ‘mostarda’, honey
€ 20,00

Focaccia with ‘Carosella del Pollino’ wheat, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary
€ 9,50

Focaccia with Apulian cherry tomatoes and oregan from Pollino
€ 11,50

Focaccia with raw ham (D’Osvaldo producer) and buffalo cheese from Andria
€ 13,50

Focaccia ‘margherita’ with baked San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella cheese and fresh basil
€ 13,50

Maxi toast VOCE: sourdough white bread, natural ham and cheese
€ 10,50

Savoury croissant with ‘guanciale’ (Norcia producer), ricotta cheese and rocket
€ 8,50

Every day Gusto17 produces the best artisanal ice cream in Milan for Voce Aimo e Nadia, following the seasonal path. From the most delicious chocolate ice-cream made from the highest-quality cocoa (without milk) to the Piedmont hazelnut, the Sicilian salted pistachio and the cream.

Cup of ice cream
€ 4,00 per scoop

Brioche with gelato (2 flavours)
€ 9,00

Stecco Gelato / € 7,00
Stecco Fondente with dark chocolate and coconut
Stecco Fior di panna with Ruby chocolate and white chocolate flakes
Stecco Fior di panna with white chocolate
Stecco Fior di panna with milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts

Wafer with gelato / € 4,00
Cocao Wafer with coffee ice cream
Cocao Wafer with ‘Fior di panna’ ice cream
Cocao Wafer with Piedmont Hazelnuts ice cream

Biscotto gelato / € 5,40
Biscotto with ‘Fior di panna’ ice cream
Biscotto with caramel ice cream

Lingotto / € 5,00
Lingotto with Sicilian pistachio covered with white chocolate and pistachio grains
Lingotto with Piedmont hazelnuts ice cream covered with white dark chocolate and
chopped hazelnuts
Lingotto with ‘Fior di panna’ ice cream covered with dark chocolate