A new reference point for gastronomic culture that openly dialogues with the Museum of Gallerie d’Italia, a cultural and artistic landmark in the heart of Milan.

Located in the heart of the city of Milan, it is housed in the historic buildings where the Museum of Galleria d’Italia is located. An architectural complex of great historical and artistic importance, consisting of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Anguissola, the nineteenth-century Palazzo Canonica, Palazzo Brentani, Palazzo Beltrami and Casa Manzoni, which houses the homonymous study center.

Voce Aimo e Nadia is a cafeteria, restaurant and bookshop.

A unique project in which food, culture and art are intertwined in three different ambients: the bookshop, where you can find catalogs of exhibitions at Gallerie d’Italia and texts dedicated to art, the cafeteria, always open to the public and a gourmet restaurant.

The cafeteria menu takes birth from the strong bond with the territory and from the close relationship with the many producers of our peninsula. A vision able to combine the heritage of the rich national gastronomic history and enrich it with a contemporary gesture.
It is possible to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif, choose one of the salads or the chef’s dishes or our bread and our focaccias made with rye flour, ancient cereals and hard grains ground to stone, all coming from the Italian territory.

A special dedication to VOCE,by Gavino Sanna

Voce Aimo e NadiaTo tell you that I love you.In a low voice, waiting for your answer, aloud.Together.With joy we decide to sing loudly, without caring about anything.Without music, with music.The voice of friendship, of a few, of everyone.I, who do a wonderful job, I dedicate a sign that will always be, for you, my friendly voice.


Aimo e Nadia, point of reference of Italian gourmet cuisine for over 50 years, has a cultural approach to food. Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini, their heirs, bring their vision of Italian cuisine into the Gallerie d’Italia, interweaving it with the rich artistic proposal of the museum.

A cuisine of taste, made of excellent raw materials, technique, and care in every detail. An enogastronomic and cultural experience whose ideal completion is a visit to the Gallerie d’Italia.

The wine list reserves ample space for Italian wine production: young companies, small businesses with a long history behind them, internationally recognized producers with a great experience. All able to better describe and enhance the territories from which their wines come.



The panettoni by Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia are based on the great ingredients we use, the original recipe of our pastry chef, the 72 hours fermentation and our 30 years old sourdough. All the ingredients used are selected from Italian small producers, who ensure us the highest quality and standards.
Farm eggs, butter from Valtellina in Lombardy, Carosello del Pollino wheat flour, natural Italian candied orange and citron. These are some of our small “secrets” that make our panettone so special and give us the chance to support our beloved suppliers.