Raw tartare of Piedmontese young beef with fennels taralli, “puntarelle” and smoked paprika mayonnaise
€ 20,00

Farm soft egg with creamed potatoes, hazelnuts, spinach and spring onion ash
€ 19,00

Tongue of Piedmontese young beef with black cabbage and smoked scamorza cheese
€ 20,00

Mackerel ‘alla scapece’ with citrus flavoured carrots, broccoli and taggiasche olives
€ 20,00

Mixed pasta with cream of broad beans, baked tomatoes, chicory and burrata cheese from Andria
€ 24,00

Homemade cappelletti of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat filled with cauliflower, anchovies sauce and Piedmontese hazelnuts
€ 24,00

Spaghettoni ‘Gerardo di Nola’ with cacio cheese, Sarawak pepper, ‘purple’ shrimps from Santa Margherita marinated with lemon and mint
€ 26,00

Risotto Gran Riserva Carnaroli with beetroot reduction, artichokes and taleggio cheese fondue
€ 28,00

Lamb from Gargano flavoured with chamomile, with ‘cavoletti’ and sweet and sour turnips
€ 33,00

Milan: Milanese-style veal sirloin with bernese sauce, crispy potatoes and artichokes
€ 35,00

Grilled squid from Ligurian Sea with baked Mantuan pumpkin and fiolaro broccoli
€ 33,00

Catch of the day of the Tyrrhenian Sea in a panure of seasonal herbs
with cream of ‘cannellini’ from Matera, candied lemon and turnip tops
€ 35,00

Selection of fresh and seasoned mixed cheeses with fruit ‘mostarda’
€ 20,00

VOCE moka tiramisu
€ 12,00

Crème Brûlée with praline bisquit and crispy cacao
€ 12,00

Pumpkin sorbetto with tangerine gelée, liquorice mousse and coffee
€ 12,00

Tarte tatin with caramel and cinnamon ice-cream
€ 12,00


The Menu Voce is a tasting menu composed of six courses, a gastronomic path created by our chef according to what the market offers daily. A little journey in the cuisine of VOCE where our dishes are always created according to our principles: excellent raw materials, Italian producers, territory, seasonality.

Menu for the whole table. Per person, excluding beverage € 120,00

A gastronomic experience based on our reinterpretation of some topics carried on by these two sculptors, most of them represented by the characters of Greek mythology. The Three Graces, Cupid and Psyche, Hebe, the Self-portrait find their own expression in our menu dedicated to these extraordinary ‘classical moderns’, this definition perfectly suits our cuisine style.

Raw tartare of Piedmontese young beef, goat cheese and polenta chips
Telling your own story through a culinary and artistic gesture.
Autoritratto (The Self-portrait)

Risotto Gran Riserva Carnaroli with ‘cacio’ cheese, pepper and shrimps from Mediterranean Sea
Voluptuosness, pleasure.
The daughter of Amore e Psiche (Cupid and Psyche)

The squid: raw with sweet and sour turnips ~ filled with pappa al pomodoro and smoked scamorza cheese ~ in tempura with lemon mayonnaise and turnip tops
Tre Grazie (The Three Graces): the triple rhythm of generosity.
The offer, the accept, the return.

Babà with ouzo, Greek yoghurt, creamy dark chocolate and green apple
Nectar and ambrosia, food for the gods.
Ebe (Hebe)

Per person, excluding beverage € 80,00

A menu designed for children with seasonal ingredients according to market availability.

First course, main course with side dish and water
€ 28,00